Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Lots to catch-up on. Unfortunately, my computer crashed a while ago and once repaired I lost all my pictures so they are all on hubby's computer. So soon I will share photos. Here's what is new around here....

1. House is still for sale :( not going well, but now spring is here and we're hoping some recent changes with our listing will help!

2. Peighton is growing so big! She's talking up a storm these days. Some of the cute things she says:
"I'm stuck"....anytime she can't get up, get down, or get out of my arms she says this! SUPER CUTE!
"Do do do do do do" to the tune of Mickey Mouse...just love it!
"Hey girl!" (in the most southern way ever!) when she plays on her phone she pretends to say hey to someone...usually her friend Ellie.

3. We shared a few weeks ago on Facebook....Peighton is going to be a BIG SISTER! Complete surprise, shock, and unexpected....but, we're happy and excited. God felt we didn't need to try so hard for the next one I suppose.

4. My sister....having triplet identical girls!.....is 29 weeks today! That's HUGE considering just 8 weeks ago they were saying she needed to deliver, her life was at risk, and her health was declining. God healed her and today she is still pregnant with three beautiful girls happily growing day by day.

5. Finally, my etsy shop has been doing so well lately. I had a small break, but back to work I go. I love every minute of it. I enjoy creating one of a kind items for people, party items, and much more. It's so much fun and I take pride in everything I make.

I promise to share photos soon! So so much more to catch up on with you all. Come back soon!


Tracy said...

yay for babies all around!

Amy Jacob said...

Congrats on your good news ~ what a blessing!!