Sunday, September 4, 2011

31 weeks

Another week down! Only 5 more weeks until you're considered full term Peighton. By the time I get this posted, I'll be a few days closer to 32 weeks.

This week you are 4 pounds.....and probably a few ounces since you're such a big girl.
You are at least 18 inches....once again, you have loooong legs so probably 19 inches. I am hoping you will be around 20.5 at birth so I don't have to push a toddler out :)

You're moving less and less these days and taking naps for longer periods of time. You give me a worry quite often, but between the heart doppler and daddy's gentle rubs you quickly remind me that you're just comfortable for the moment and I need to relax.

This weekend your daddy & I celebrated our 6th Anniversary. We were saying it feels like it has flown by, which reminds me that we need to cherish every single day. I know the days will fly by even more when you get here. We need to make sure we take advantage of every day and not let life get in the way of making memories. We visited a beautiful place in southern Colorado that we are eager to take you to when you're old enough. We took a few pictures to remember this time as a couple and with you at Bear Lake.

Your daddy loves you so much already and rubs my belly everyday saying "my baby girl". He says it with such a cute smile on his face. I can't wait until he gets to hold you and kiss your little cheeks. Every time he kisses my belly you kick or move and when he sings or plays the guitar you get so excited and kick my like crazy! You are definitely going to be a daddy's girl.
Sleeping has become a thing of the past for me. I am not able to sleep much at night these days. I usually take two naps a day (one in the morning for 2 hours & one in the afternoon for 1.5 hours). I have lots of lower back pain when I'm sleeping and my hips hurt if I sleep on one side for too long. I'm thinking a prenatal massage is in order some time soon.

The best moment this week has been spending time with your daddy and watching my belly move as you wiggle to get comfy. We love to tickle my belly and watch you move around.
*Peighton when you see these pictures years from now, please do not judge your parents by the way we look. In our defense, it was 3 days without a shower, puffiness from head to toe, and extreme exhaustion. We usually look pretty decent. :)

Peighton Joy you are going to be such a loved little girl. So many people are anticipating your arrival and I can hardly wait to share you with everyone. Continue to grow and get strong and we'll see you hopefully in about 6-8 weeks. We love you PJ.

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Amy said...

Congrats on your 31 week mark ~ what a sweet and touching post! The photos are great. Wish I had catalogued my journey with Lorelai and Miller's pregnancies, but I didn't start my blog until Lorelai was seven months old. Oh well, better late than never right?! Can't wait to see what week 32 brings!!