Thursday, September 8, 2011

32 weeks

Only 8 weeks remaining! Where has time gone?
Peighton is topping the charts at a little over 4 pounds.
She's most likely around 19 inches!
The last two days she's been very lazy and has hardly moved. (except if I poke her, then she will kick me back).
In 3 weeks we have our hospital visit and registration....surreal.
The last few days I have not taken a nap and actually accomplished stuff around the house.
But, moving around and getting off the couch has become a little more difficult.
Sleep? what's that? I think my body is playing a cruel joke on me and preparing me for sleepless nights with Peighton. Getting comfortable is not easy to do and when I roll over to get more comfortable I somehow pull a muscle at the bottom of my uterus and it hurts for about 2 minutes. Then, my hips start to hurt and I get a horrible pain when I try to move. So, the sleep :( meanwhile, my caring husband snores away beside me. HA! Typical.

Peighton Joy is definitely growing this week! I wore a shirt yesterday that did fit a little big last week and this week I had to keep pulling it down to make sure it covered my belly.
Next weekend, we're hoping to take maternity photos. It has been rather cool around here (70 yesterday) so I'm hoping to find a nice location with fall like grass and trees for our photo shoot.

Exciting news, I won a free cloth diaper from itti bitti! I am super excited to add to our stash. I ordered a bigger size so that I can start on the next size stash and have something that fits her once I have to sell the smaller ones.

Well, that's all for week 32. I'll be back to share whatever exciting happens...if anything this week.

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Amy said...

Beautiful, beautiful photo!!