Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's day has always been an emotional day for me. This year I'm beyond blessed and excited to be expecting a precious baby girl. I want to take a moment to thank my own mother for the past 27 years.

This mother's day we went to church and came home to watch the Yankee vs. Rangers game. This year we don't get to be with our mother's, but I'm sure they know how loved and appreciated they are by us. As an adult, I have a great relationship with my mom. She's always willing to listen when I cry, complain, worry, and just want to talk. Growing up we had a few rough patches mainly because I was a stubborn girl trying to find my way. I always tell Jeff that I wish my parents had written a book as they were raising me. I'm not the perfect adult, but they never had to raise a hand to discipline me or get the point across. As I think of how Jeff & I will raise Peighton, I pray that we can do it with a gentle hand and heart.

My mom has always had positive words, great advice, and knows when not to say anything at all. She even knew I would have a girl. :) My mom gave so much and sacrificed so much of herself for me and my sisters. We never knew what life was like without food, clothing, and love. She worked so many jobs to make sure I could always go on field trips, have a yearbook, and enjoy summer camps. I remember her joining me on many field trips, school events, never missing an awards ceremony, and rooting me on during spelling bees.

I remember the day she and daddy dropped me off at my dorm for college. Daddy started to cry and I know mom did after she left, but I still remember the excitement on her face. It was become my mom's persistence and belief in my ability that I made it to and graduated college.

My wedding....was the best day of my life! My mom worked so hard on finding me a dress, putting together invitations, creating so many wonderful keepsakes for our special day, and when that day came she looked beautiful while trying to be a wedding planner, organizer, decorator, and mother of the bride. She even kept cool when a tornado came as I sat in the hair dresser's chair, a teenager fell out of a window the night before on our wedding site, rain and hail pounded our wedding site, and my cake showed up hours late. I never knew any of these details until I made it down the aisle. All because of my mom!

When Jeff & I moved to Hawaii, she smiled through tears at the airport as she watched us head off to a 4 year tropical experience. She even made 3 trips to visit us (probably for a great trip to Hawaii) while we lived there. On Mother's Day 2009, she climbed Diamond Head along side one of her best friends and has pictures to prove it ;)

Now, as I make my way to motherhood she is even more supportive than ever before. She calms me down when I have an emotional moment, day, week, month lol. She shares in my joy and excitement of my pregnancy.

I wish I lived closer to my mom so I could show her how much I appreciate her and love her. I cannot wait to share pregnancy milestones with her and hopefully see her reaction when Peighton joins us in this crazy world.

I can never imagine my life without my mom and it's all because of God who knew she and my dad would make a great parents to me and my sisters.



Amy said...

Your post was so moving. It is clear that you and Peighton are going to be the best of friends, just like you and your own mom. You are so blessed to have a mom that is not only a wonderful mother, but also your best friend. Happy Mother's Day, Leza!!

Raul, Lily and Mason said...

Leza that was beautiful!