Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turnip Baby

How far along? 17 weeks 1 day

Baby's size and stats? 5-7 inches long and the size of a TURNIP! (This is the first food comparison that does not make me hungry-HA!)

Gain? I've gained 2 pounds since 12 weeks appt.

Sleep? I pee...every hour. Not getting much sleep these days.

Foods I am/ am not loving? I'm loving anything smothered in mustard.

Maternity clothes? Yes...pants always and a few shirts

Best moment this week? Feeling like this baby is so loved by so many.

Symptoms/Emotions? Annoyed right now so I won't even answer this one....

Gender? IT'S A GIRL!!!


What I'm thankful for:

Last weeks response: A wonderful group of people that I see everyday, my co-workers. They (especially one lady in particular) cheer me up everyday and give me great advice. I even made the decision to come back after the summer just so I can say goodbye to them and enjoy a few more weeks with them.

How ironic that I wrote that last week and today they were so sweet and spoiled Peighton with a book shower. She got so many wonderful books that Jeff & I will read to her for many years. The funniest part of the whole shower was when it began as a faculty meeting and Kathie came out dressed as a stork/voulcher and waved her magical stork wand to find out who was pregnant. If you knew our crowd, I would tell the things she said, but you really wouldn't get it. I'll just share a few hilarious pictures.

Kathie dressed as the stork!

Making her rounds and waving her magical wand.

Why is your face so red Nate? You never had a stork on your lap?

The stork & I-she delivered a plastic Peighton :)

(not the best picture of me, I was/look exhausted)

This week has been wonderful. I got a sweet package from Hawaii that a dear friend and wonderful hair dresser, Keiko, sent to Peighton. She sent lots of adorable bacth towels, rain boots, and cookies (for mommy). Thank you Keiko. You are soooo sweet!!

I must say I loooove my church family. When we miss a week of class, they always notice. When one of us is sick, we get cards in the mail and when we're expecting a baby girl we get a huge bag of baby clothes. I will do a new post this weekend with pictures of all the loving items Peighton has received thus far. She is definately a loved baby by many!

I also would like to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to one of my very very best friends, Jessie, on the birth of her second baby. Ava is now a big sister to a sweet little boy named Elijah Lincoln. He (just like his sister) gave us all a scare, but is strong and healthy and happily at home with his family! I don't have her permission to post a picture so I'll just give a description. He has an adorable round nose (just like his mommy), LOTS of black hair (just like his daddy), and the most perfect lips ever (just like his beautiful big sister)! I wish we were all still in Hawaii so we could celebrate together, but soon I will get to reunite with the Robinettes! Congratulations again...we love all 4 of you!

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Amy said...

The book shower idea is adorable and I love, love, love the new faceview in the babystrology countdown. So glad to see you in the 150s!! :o)