Saturday, May 7, 2011

SURPRISE! It's a......

Please meet our baby girl..... Peighton Joy

If you go to this link you can see the actual entire ultrasound session and you can hear all of our reactions (my friends Lily & Raul joined us) to hearing it was a girl...don't get stumped when you hear "it's a boy" that was just my husband and Raul mistaking the cord for something else. haha.

Today was the greatest experience ever! We are both so excited and worried about how we will ever afford a girl. Jeff has said since the beginning it's a girl and he's beyond thrilled. He keeps saying over and over "Im having a girl!" and "my little girl". He's already got her wrapped around his finger.

I guess the "heartbeat per minute" myth just really does not work for everyone. Her heartbeat was 158 at the appointment and has never been over 150 on the doppler at home. I was a little disappointed that we could not get her to wake up. I drank an entire bottle of sprite, ate jello, and chocolate. Apparently she is a good sleeper in there....let's hope she takes that trait to the outside world. We were able to tell in the pictures that the baby has my husband's chin and it's already the cutest chin I've ever seen.

I hope you all enjoy the video!
I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE HAVING A GIRL! I guess the voting majority was correct and I (as usual) was wrong wrong wrong.


Amy said...

Iam sooooo excited for you~YAY!!!! Congratulations! While I know you would have been happy with either, I know how much you wanted your little "mini-me." I am so filled with emotion for you right now, Leza, that I can hardly see through my tears of happiness as I type this right now. Her name is absolutely beautiful and I know that she will be just that~a complete joy.

By the way, what did they say about your headaches?

Sam said...


Congrats girl!! That's so awesome!!!! Now you have to pretend I'm shopping with you too, picking out the cutest little pink and purple outfits!!! So excited for you!

(And took you long enough to post LOL did you see how many "Mississauga" visits you had on the feed counter below? All me hahaha)

Leza said...

Thanks ladies! I am in complete shock! But very very happy. We had our scan at a local place that only does gender scans and 4d ultrasounds so it was not a doctor. I have another appointment on may 18 so I will discuss my headaches at that time. Amy you are so sweet and I appreciate the sweet words. I am beyond excited but soooo lost on where to start with all the girl stuff. There is wayyyy too much cute stuff out there. We stayed with friends last night bc they live near babies r us. So today is registry day.

Thanks again ladies for all of your sweet words.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Love the name!

Erin said...

Congrats!! We just found out we are having a girl too! Must be something in the air!

Amy said...

Love, Love, Love your new header!!!

Tracy said...

How did I miss this??? Congratulations!