Friday, March 26, 2010


**UPDATE** I made a change to the rose ball! I think its much more girlie now!

Here's what I've been up to today:

I found these cute rose balls here: http://http// and I just knew I had to make some. So, this is my first one. I made it for my best friend's new baby's nursery. Her colors are green and pink MY FAVORITE! I still have to make the pink one, but I thought this one turned out so great I just had to share. I plan to make a few for some other friends and of course some for our house too. I'm thinking some dark blue and brown (if I can find brown streamers) for our guest bathroom.

So, here's a few pictures from every angle. ;)

They are so simple and fun! I got all the supplies from walmart and it cost a total of $4 to make.

Then, here's what the kids have been doing today....

They manage to find the only spot in the house where the sun is shining in and make themselves comfy! I guess the one thing they miss about living in Hawaii is the sunshine...oh, and lack of snow :)

Does anyone else have any fun DIY crafts to share?

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