Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This was the temperature today! Am I in Colorado or back in Hawaii? My sinuses really don't know ha!

I spent the entire day shopping for the perfect Easter outfit. I went to Target, Dress Barn, Old Navy, Walmart, Kmart, Ross, and Maurice's. I NEVER found that outfit. I did buy a yellow shirt and hope that I had something in my closet that would look good with it. Unfortunately, I don't! I think I'm going to turn a pair of my black dress pants into capris and wear some cute black heals with the yellow shirt. I really wanted to wear a dress, but I will have to settle.
In other great news, I have another job interview on Friday with the same school district I interviewed with last week. This is for a similar position so I'm really hoping it works out. The job that was offered last week is still available, but it's not open until August so I have time to decide if I would like to take it.
Please pray that the interviewees like me and think I am perfect for the position. If that is not what happens, please pray that God will continue to open other opportunities for me that allow me to continue working with students.

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