Monday, January 31, 2011

100 Days Old!

My bosses will totally kill me for posting this picture, but I just have to. I have the incredible honor of working with many wonderful people to open a brand new school. Our school is named after a heroic soldier who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Today, we celebrated 100 days of school and the school's 100th birthDAY! Our principal was so sweet to get us all cake. It was a delicious chocolate/vanilla flavor with raspberry filling...just so yummy!

Anyway, my point of this post is to see if anyone can spot the error? This is the 2nd time our school has ordered a cake from this particular grocery store and the 2nd time they misspelled a word. Perhaps we should trade free English classes for cake! Hmmm...we may have something here.

Tomorrow is a snow day...first one in over a year! So, I'm supposed to go in to work, but I live about 45 mins away and it just won't be worth the risk to get there. I'll have to use a personal day :) Good thing I have such an understanding/caring boss(es).

I plan to work my butt off tomorrow though. Lily & Raul are arriving tomorrow and this will give me time to get the grocery shopping, dogs' baths, and laundry I did not get to finish.

Currently, it is 6 degrees outside with a wind chill of -3. It started snowing as soon as the students were warm and snuggly in the building and it stopped as they were exiting the building. Then, it started as I was driving home and has not stopped since.
Our week is looking like this : (The temp on the bottom...the negatives....are with will be -15 tomorrow)!

I think it's definately a day for toe socks and lounge pants....all day!


Tracy said...

oh my! burr!!!!

K_L_C said...

Elementary! lol.
Stay warm. We're having similar weather here in the Texas panhandle. Not my favorite time of year.