Saturday, January 29, 2011


Once again, nothing interesting to blog about today. But, I definately stayed busy. I slept in until almost 9:30 am (haven't done that in a long time....well, since last weekend anyway). The dogs were growling all night last night at our bedroom window and I kept telling them to shut up. But, when I woke up this morning I started my cleaning journey....tell you more about that later....I cleaned the front door and windows to find that almost every house on our street was I learned a lesson in this...

Next time the dogs growl at the window, I'll get up and look out side.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, mostly to make sure our house guests coming next week are comfortable, but once I started I could not stop. So, I spring cleaned. Didn't help that today was literally like a spring day in Southern Colorado. It was a beautiful, sunny, 68 degrees here. I opened all the windows and let in fresh air while I filled the house with the fumes of cleaning products.

Because I know you're all so interested in what I did, here's my breakdown of chores I completed today:

Room 1-Kitchen

Cleaned oven (then realized it was self-cleaning)

Cleaned out the fridge (it's so bare now)

Swept the floors


Cleaned spaghetti sauce off the walls (thanks to Buck pulling a pot off the counter)

Room 2-Living Room

Shampooed carpets

Vacuumed furniture/floors

Cleaned windows

Vacuumed/cleaned window tracks


Room 3-Dining Room

Shampooed carpets

Washed curtains (thanks to Buck...yet again)

Dusted shelf

Touched up a paint job I completed a few weeks ago

Dusted fixtures

Room 4-Bathrooms

Scrubbed both bathtubs/showers

Swept floors

Mopped floors

Cleaned mirrors

Scrubbed all 3 toilets (gross!)

Stocked guest bathroom

Room 5-Bedroom

Vacuumed floors

Shampooed carpets

Washed sheets

Dusted furniture

Folded laundry (hardest part of the day)

straightened closet

Room 6-Loft

Vacuumed floors

Shampooed carpets

Vacuumed furniture

So, today was you can see. Tomorrow I will have just as much to do:

Teach Sunday School class

Bathe dogs

Clean up dog poop

Straighten garage

Wash truck

Re-stock fridge

Straighten/Clean out fridge


See how exciting my life is when hubby is not here? Next week will be alot of fun. Our friends will be here and then a few days later Jeff will be home. I'm planning something very special for him in coming weeks and I'm super excited to share it with everyone, but now that he has a blog I'm afraid he'll read you'll have to wait as well.

In the fertility world, our first round of clomid was not an epic failure. It allowed me body to do what it is supposed to do, except get pregnant. But, tomorrow begins my 2nd cycle on the meds so we'll see what happens next. We're praying for a 2011 we have two more months to make that happen....stay tuned!
And, just for fun....another pic of Makai.....He is OBSESSED with towels. Anytime we get out of the shower, he will bite it and try to pull it off of us. He will roll around on it, growl while he does it, and then look at us like he wants us to put it on him. This is his morning ritual...explains why I have so much laundry all the time. This year was easy to buy for him for Christmas though. Usually we just buy treats, but this year he got his own towel....which he wants nothing to do with because it doesn't smell like our body wash apparently :)
I know I put alot of pics of Makai, but that's b/c he seems to be the only one who will sit long enough to pose for a picture, he's probably the cutest, and because I know Angie enjoys seeing him.


Angie said...

You're so silly--and busy! Want to come to Minnesota and clean? We've even got lots of snow just in case you get tired of those spring-like temps!

Makai used to do that with me as well with the towel. Or if we had our towels hanging on the bar in the bathroom, he'd just stand there and rub his face all over them. Such a goof! Mister Buck sounds like a handful, though; how do the old men (Lucki and Makai) like having him around?

You'll be in my prayers with the Clomid. I've had many friends be successful with it and I'll be praying the same goes for you.

Sam said...

OMG did your house get egged too? :( Stupid teenagers! Makai is so cute with the towel! Aww look at that face! It sounds like you had a busy and productive Saturday! I wish I got that much done this weekend!