Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24~Ordinary Day

Today was a rather disappointing day in the fertility world...but, this is not a depressing blog so I won't say anymore. I don't have much to blog about, but to keep my word to my faithful, Sam (and if anyone else reads this) I will post...something.

I said "see ya later" to hubby today. Only for 12 days though. He has the opportunity to go train for something he has been asking for since 2005. So, I know he's enjoying himself...well, he will at graduation. It's so strange being in this huge house all alone especially when I start hearing things and the dogs start barking at the air. At one point, I could have sworn the garage door opened by itself and for a moment...I panicked. I sent the lab out to the garage and had my finger on the panic button. Luckily, it was my imagination...or good hearing.

In other great news, two of our really good friends from Hawaii will be here next week! I can't wait to see them. It will be so nice to see a familiar face. I can't wait to see this girl....

My dear friend Lily!

Well, maybe this week will have something exciting to blog about....or at least continue to post cute pics of my fur babies....

Our twins! Lucki and Makai


Tracy said...

bummer about the bummer day on the fertility front. :(

Angie said...

So do you think they were litter mates? I can't get over how identical they look, except for Makai being a little rounder!

Sam said...

Yay! Keeping up with the updates girl! :D

I'm sorry about this week :( I'm hoping it still might be early, but if not the next cycle!

And the twins are so cute!


Leza said...

Thanks Tracy. I love your blog by the way! I am always praying for you...since the first time I saw your blog :)

Angie...I still to this day believe they are related. From the moment I saw Makai online I thought you guys were posting pics of Lucki until of course I saw him in person. He is soooo different than Lucki, in many ways, but they are so much alike that it's scary. He's definately had a few weight issues, but we don't talk about it in front of him.

Thanks Sam. I do not think this is my month, but we'll see. Today was a crampy day :( but who knows. Thanks for your support. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your first u/s.

Tracy said...

awe. Thanks. <3