Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This weekend was a friend's birthday from work, Kathie. Kathie and her daughter Carissa came down to my part of town and we enjoyed a breezy day on the Riverwalk. We ate lots of italian food, frozen yogurt, did a little shopping, antiquing, and lots of laughing. Here are a few pics.

Kathie & I on the riverwalk

Kathie with my pup Chloe
Kathie & Carissa on the riverwalk

Kathie goofing around at an antique store

It's not fun until you play dress up

We took a picture all together at lunch, but for some reason it won't upload. I'll work on that. Anyway, it was alot of fun to just hang out with them outside of work.

In other news, my hubby started a blog! Can you believe it? It's a blog for his motorcycle buddies though. If you want to see go over to his blog:

This week has gone so slowly for me. Maybe because I'm waiting on my tww (two week wait) to be over. I just finished my first round of some new medication and I'm anxiously waiting to see if it worked or if I'm going to be going for round 2. We're praying we finally get a mini-Jeff/Leza soon! So please pray with/for us.

This is for my newly preggo blog friend Sam....
I am trying to make it a goal to update more than once a week! If only I had something interesting to blog about......... :) Maybe I'll make it a goal to atleast post something...even if it's just pictures. So, here's my daily's Makai...making his "Do you dare leave without me" face!


Sam said...

YAAAAYY! Anew post! ;) Awww and a shout out too! *hugs*

And Makai is soooo cute! Love that face haha

I can't wait for you to test! You have willpower girl, I could not wait that long! :)

I'll be stalking lol

Angie ( said...

Oh, who's that old boy? Look at his sweet gray face--and his tail just a wagging!

Leza said...

Angie, his face is sooooo white. It's crazy how much he's changed in the last (almost) 4 years. I can't believe it. He has such an old face now. He's starting to get white eyebrows too!! But, he still has that puppy attitude and I don't think there's a minute in the day where he's NOT wagging his tail ;)

Sam...thanks! I don't have will power, I'm just worried to be disappointed (again). My hubby leaves on Monday so we'll see how long I can wait after that. I have a tendancy to see 2 lines. lol