Sunday, October 19, 2008

7 random things....

Ok so I've seen alot of blogs doing this so people can get to know one I'm going to start and tag others...hopefully people keep this up and I can add more bloggers. :)

We begin by saying 7 random facts about ourselves...I'll start with..

1. I always want my toenails to be pink. I think it looks good with pale or tan skin and you can never go TOO pink.

2. My dream house will have cathedral ceilings, brick on the outside, a bright red door, soft green grass, white trim all around the rooms and a very big back porch. (so now all we need is a permanent duty station.)

3. My cat back home with my folks is a little obese. But, dont tell her that she might attack you in your sleep.

4. I am very determined to lose 30lbs during this deployment...only to gain it back when hubby returns because I just love to spend time with him rather than work out.

5. I get frustrated when things don't happen when I want them to. i.e.babies, husband's return...etc.

6. I have many great friends back in SC that I do not talk to, but I KNOW if I ever needed them they would be there for me.

7. I was saved on a random Sunday, in a random church on the northshore of Oahu island. I didnt get in front of the church and announce it, I didnt raise my hand for all to see. I simply prayed the Lord's prayer and have been trying to live the life of a Christian since that day. No I do not remember the date, because like most christians I have made mistakes along the way and I ask for forgiveness and do better the next week.

ok so now I'm tagging you.

1. Crystal Gail and Danielle
2. Krissy Johnson
3. Kristy and Adam

and anyone else who is thinking of becoming a blogger. I know that i have many myspace friends who should do this.....



Anonymous said...

I dont blog...but i'll do this and guess who I am!

1. I like to drive everyday all of the time....and you hate that because you hate my driving.
2. I would drive across the country just to give you a hug.
3. My favorite song is "BLUE" by LeAnne Rimes and you always teased me that I cant hold a tune.
4. I LOVE pizza with hate everything except pepperoni.
5. I met you in the 2nd grade but you made fun of me and we bacame friends when we went to different high schools.
6. You dumped my cousin for your best friend's brother....and I held a grudge for many years....I still think you should have given him a chance.
7. I am jealous of your wonderful marriage and the fact that you live in Hawaii.

WHO AM I????

Kristy said...

This might be a crazy question.. But what do I do? Meaning with your tag.. Do I just repost the same blog?

LOL I'm confused

Jeff & Leza said...

yes just repost on your page that you were tagged! people will learn interesting facts about you!