Thursday, October 23, 2008

A mouse, my boxspring and Jeff's Sgt

So, once in a while my cat Sassie decides she would like to escape into the great outdoors. Now, anyone who knows her will know that it is a very rare event for her to grace us with her presence during day light hours. Today, as I returned home from the gym I was typing on the computer (surprise, surprise) and as I see her run past she has a tiny tail sticking out of her cat would hunt a giraffe if it meant she got to chase something. I quickly ran after her only to find her completely disappear under the bed (there is nothing under there for her to hide under or behind) then i notice she has buried herself INSIDE the box spring...this is something she mastered a long time ago as her hiding spot. So, I quickly EVERY man that I know so I dont have to touch anything.....after 5 or 6 tries I finally get a hold of one of the Rear D commanders. He's the husband of one of my close friends, THANKS AGAIN TANJA!!

So, for your amusement here is a picture of the little creature buried inside my boxspring. What an adventure on such a boring day!!

p.s. The little mouse was dead by the time he got to it. But, I did think about releasing him into the wild...instead, he has a happy permanent home inside the dumpster :(


Roxy said...

OMG! My cats would leave them on the welcome mat outside the door. Not what you want to see at 6AM when you're about to walk a mile to school!!

Kristy said...

Too funny... I would have freaked out myself..