Sunday, October 19, 2008

John Waller says it best....

So, while reading through the many blogs that interest me at 3am I found this wonderful music video. It's a song that many many people can relate to. The overall message is that while you're waiting for whatever....worship God and make him proud. I am waiting for so many things....hoping that they happen on MY plan and when I want them to. I am working on surrendering my fears, impatience, and dreams over to Him and allow them to happen when He is ready.

Saying goodbye to Jeff last week (again) was the hardest of the last 6 times we have done this, but this time I have peace in my heart that God will bring him home. That doesnt mean I dont have fears and cry myself to sleep every night. I am just confident that God is in control and He will watch over him...along with Jeff's many angels.

I am waiting on our miracle baby whether it come in a 9 month package that I carry, on a plane from a far away orphanage, through an invitro "project" or through another's womb....I am learning to relinquish my desires over to God. I am waiting on Him to decide that I am ready. I am being forced to be patient for the next 12 months which allows my body and heart to heal from my most recent losses. I constantly pray "Lord, let my body create a life that you can be proud of. p.s. let it be soon". He probably smiles and giggles each time he hears my request and in His own way tells me "Be patient my child". If only I could see EXACTLY what he wants me to do in the meantime...hmmm

Ok, now enjoy the video. If you are waiting for whatever...a reunion, a child, anything at all just take a moment and listen to the words by John Waller. I will lift you up in prayer if you would like as we all continue to WAIT.

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