Wednesday, June 8, 2011

18 weeks 6 days sneak peek

Yesterday we got to enjoy another peek at Peighton...yep, still a girl! For anyone who doubted, she is DEFINATELY a girl! It was great to experience this one with my parents, Jeff, and best friend Anna. Here are 5 of my favorite pictures. We got a video again, but we are having trouble saving it to the computer so I can put it on the blog. If you have me on facebook, maybe I can get it on there soon. Enjoy these precious pictures of our beautiful little girl.

Her adorable profile and chubby cheeks I LOVE this view. She has the most adorable lips and chin.
This one looks like she is rubbing her eyes...sleepy already?

Just like last time, she was sucking her thumb.
Not a great shot, but still a girl!

I didn't post any pics on here, but my favorite part is her feet. We did notice that she has HUGE feet. Even the ultrasound tech said she has long legs and big feet. She definately gets that from her daddy and I'm hoping she will be taller than me when she gets older. It was truly the greatest 15 minutes so far. I visited a place called Vision of Life in Piedmont, SC and I HIGHLY recommend her. She also does belly casting and has a local artist decorate them. If I lived here, I would go back and have that done. She showed us a camo painted belly casting and a photo the family had done of the baby in the casting. It's such a beautiful tribute to mama's belly.

As for the rest of our vacation, we are leaving this week to head to New Jersey for my baby shower with the other half of the family and friends. I am excited to see many people I have not seen since our wedding in 2006...especially my sisters!! I have 2 new nieces and 4 of my cousins have had babies that I am excited to meet!!

This week has been great and I'm loving every minute of sleeping in until noon, visiting with friends, enjoying meals with my parents, and feeling the warm South Carolina weather. This trip will be complete if we can make it to the beach next week :) for a little R&R in the ocean!

I will do my 19 week post this afternoon with some exciting updates!


Sam said...

She is too cute!!

Ok where are your exciting updates?!?! LOL

I don't have you on facebook! Add me when you get a chance, Samantha Cass. My profile pic is my dog Lola sitting on the baby's clothes lol. I also have Kelly on facebook too (from tww)

Amy said...

Had no idea you and I were practically neighbors during your trip. I am in Easley, SC!! Your ultrasound pics are great!!

Raul, Lily and Mason said...

I love the new pics she has changed a lot since i saw her!!! well im gland its still a girl but im DEFINITELY disappointed its only

Kelly Jo said...

Yep, I'm friends with Sam. :-) So you can probably find me if you find her! I've been awful at keeping up on 2ww, but I still read the blogs! I miss you girls! Your ultrasound pictures are amazing!!! So jealous that you get to go to the beach!

Leza said...

Thanks Kelly. I can't believe how much she looks like a little person already in only 6 weeks! Your 4D pics turned out wonderfully as well. He's going to be so adorable.

Lily-I'm super happy she's still a girl and NOT twins :)

Amy-I wish I had known you were in Easley. We could have planned to meet for yogurt or something. My parents are in gville so maybe next time I visit we can plan something.