Thursday, June 23, 2011

20 week scan

On Tuesday we had our 20 week scan with the doctor. Due to our vacation timeline, the scan was actually performed at 20 weeks 6 days. Peighton measured at 20 weeks 4 days and those loooong legs we got a peak at two weeks ago measured at 21 weeks 4 days! We will definitely be having a long girl. All of her organs and bones looked great and measured right on schedule. Her head measured a few days behind, which the tech said was normal and will catch up with her. This may have been a routine scan, but it was very exciting. Peighton was the most active she's ever been during an ultrasound and she did many funny things.

Yep, still a girl! One of her big feet and it's hard to see in the picture, but she was sucking on her toes!
Our sweet girl's adorable profile.

This picture is so crazy to me, but we got it because the tech kept showing us how she swallows and moves her lips. We even saw her stick out her tongue at us! It was hilarious.

It is amazing how much stuff you can see on these ultrasounds.

Peighton also waved, sucked on her thumb, and had the hiccups during the scan. We planned on not telling the tech that we knew the sex just to see if she could show us again. Well, that plan didn't go over well. Jeff was running late due to work so when he arrived to the appointment I was already in the ultrasound room. She waved previous to him entering so when he came in I said, "it just waved at us". Well, Jeff says "It? Don't you mean her?" So that plan didn't work. Then, only a few seconds later the tech asked if we knew the sex and Jeff didn't waste a minute answering her. Then, before the poor girl could even tell us that she's still a girl Jeff anxiously says "it's still a girl, right?" in the most nervous voice I've ever heard. It was a good laugh and something I'll enjoy remembering for a long time.

I feel so blessed to have a routine pregnancy after such a struggle. I am still in shock to be here. 21 weeks pregnant. With a baby girl.

The nursery is almost complete. We are still waiting on the changing table to arrive, crib bedding, crib mattress, and waiting to get a few items for wall decor. I go in her room at least 4 times a day. I know she will probably not use the nursery for many months, but we are planning to use it during nap time so she is used to the crib. I cannot wait to rock her to sleep and read to her at bedtime in that sweet room.

In that last 2 weeks, my belly has just popped. So starting this week we will be taking weekly belly shots in her room. Last night was supposed to be week 21, but we didn't get home until late and we were both exhausted so we'll do it tonight.
The only new thing going on is her movement. I feel her move a lot more now. Anytime I sit forward she kicks me as if I'm squishing her, oops! I feel her a lot after/during mealtime as well. I'm beginning to learn her sleep pattern too. She sleeps alllll day, except when I'm eating, and rolls/kicks/plays allll night while I'm sleeping. Just an indication of what's to come I suppose. I've also had a severe pain in my stomach. It has happened 3 times. The first time was at 16.5 weeks. I believe I mentioned it once before. I ran to the bathroom expecting to see blood and it turned out to be gas. It happened again the last two nights in a row at 2am and 3am. This time though it was not feels like gas, but nothing eases the pain. It is definitely the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. Today's episode left me sore for several hours. I was up at 3am with the pain and when hubby left for work at 5am I was still awake. I plan to discuss it with my doctor at the next appointment, but if it continues and gets worse I will call him immediately.

Other than that, nothing new going on around here. Just barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and loving every minute of it.

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Erin said...

We did the same thing, not telling the tech. We wanted her independent opinion! However, I kept slipping up and saying "she". So glad to hear everything is looking good!