Monday, June 20, 2011

More Nursery Pics

As of today, day 4 of nursery makeover, we are about 75% completed. Here are a few things that were completed today.

Hubby completely transformed my childhood dresser for Peighton. I knew as soon as I was pregnant that I wanted to use my dresser in the nursery. My parents were given this dresser as a gift when I was only a few years old and it is still in perfect condition and the wood under 5 layers of paint is AMAZING! Hubby worked nearly 7 hours today on this thing and it truly beautiful. He had to sand through a layer of black (hey, I went through a phase), brown (another phase), 2 white layers, and yellow to get to the beautiful wood. Then, we painted the same eggshell color that is on the walls. Tomorrow I am going to put the knobs on the drawers and put in some liner in the bottom of the drawers. Peighton will someday appreciate the backaches and sweat that went in to this adorable room.

This is one of my favorite corners in the room so far...her adorable hairbows. I'm sure I will have to add a few more rows in the coming years :)
Here is where our daughter will rest her sweet head. We don't have the mattress or bedding yet, but that will soon come...thanks to a few great people :)

We searched everywhere a white shelf for her books and accessories. We finally found one at Tar.get. We find everything there. On the top shelf I have a framed wrapper that I shared in a previous post that says "Miracles aren't limited to the holidays" that my mom got before we got pregnant. There is also an adorable teddy with a tutu that my friend Crystal made for Peighton and a lamp that we had in a spare room so I painted it green and stenciled pink birds on the shade.
This week we should have the changing table and then all that is left is the glider and the room is complete. We have a few things to put on the wall, but that is about it. I cannot wait to spend hours in that room rocking her to sleep. I already don't want to walk out. It's the most awesome room in the house!

Here is a pic of the stroller as well. I tried it in the store and thought it was a very simple thing to close and open...but then I tried ours. Not so much. Jeff makes it look soooo easy...then again, he can do it one handed. I may have to practice a few more times.
Tomorrow I have my 21 weeks appointment with the doctor and the official anatomy scan. I'm super excited to see Peighton on screen AGAIN. We are very blessed to have so many opportunities to see our little girl. I will update tomorrow following my appointment.

Until then....night and God bless.


Amy said...

Every detail of the nursery is so beautiful and well thought out. I love the sweet heirloom furniture. Peighton is so blessed! I actually have a baby gift that I would like to send to you if you don't mind giving me your address. You can send it to my e-mail address if you'd prefer to send it there rather than post it in a comment. It is

Hope to hear from you soon!!
~Amy :o)

Kelly Jo said...

We have the same stroller and I struggle, too! The nursery looks amazing!!! Nice work, mama! Hope your appointment goes well.

Sam said...

LOVE it! So exciting getting everything all ready eh? Can't wait!

Jenna said...

The nursery looks great!!!