Friday, June 24, 2011


Ok I figured out how to load the staple gun! YAY!

Here are all of her bows on the boring ribbon on the wall...before

This is the finished bow holder before I placed all the bows on it. It turned out exactly as I wanted! The only problem is....

...this little girl has so many bows I may need to make another one or add more ribbon!

AFTER I placed all the bows on it. I LOVE IT! :)

This is my favorite hat and bow...right now. I'm sure they'll all be favorite once she's wearing them. This one is going with her homecoming outfit.
I also made a card holder that will be hung on her wall holding all the sweet cards people have sent/given to us so far. Once I take those down we will put pictures up of all our favorite people. I plan to make it a routine of saying their names to Peighton so she gets to know their faces since we have so many loved ones far away and of course tons of her sweet face too!


Sam said...

I LOVE it!!!! So cute! I'm so behind getting everything done compared to you, and I'm 6 weeks farther along!!!

Kelly Jo said...

I'm doing a picture collage for our little dude! I made a PowerPoint to play on the TV with pictures, too. Our family is 3 hours away. :-( Beautiful job on the bow holder!

Kristy said...

Your bows are so cute. I sure do wish she has hair.. LOL