Saturday, June 4, 2011

Surprise Baby Shower

Thank you all for the sweet comments about baby's movement. I appreciate all of your kind words, they definately made me feel better and know that I shouldn't worry and we are all different.

This morning I went to breakfast and the farmer's market with my dad and hubby. I text a few friends on asking if they would like to meet up and hang out while we are in town. Then, my dad started rushing us to come home so he could make my mom lunch....thought it was strange, but I let it go. As we drove in to my parents neighborhood, my husband started video taping and when I asked him why he said it was to document the way home so he knew how to get here. I didn't really have time to argue with him before I saw the cars in the driveway and the was a baby shower!

AND three of the friends I was messaging on were there!! Here are a few pictures of the great day!

Cute "Carolina Mama" shirt from friends Carrie & Jennifer...they also gave Peighton a matching onesie that says "Carolina Girl."

Anna & I.....thank you girl for helping today!

My Aunt Lori & I

Andrea, myself, and Cheyenne

Sue & did a great job on the decorations.

Nia, Chris, myself, and Erin

Crystal & I

Hailey, Melynie, Aunt Sue, & I

Madison, Carrie, Jennifer, and I

Just one example of the sweet gifts for Peighton

Jeff & Daddy on the way out the door...they enjoyed a day of wings, Hangover 2, and Clemson baseball.

Some of the favors, candy bars & water

Today was so sweet, filled with pink, "awes", "oooohs", and great friends. I left this morning with a blue striped shirt on and my mom kept bugging me to change, but I just insisted on wearing it because I was hot and it was sleeveless. Everyone showed up in pink so I had to change...but now I know why my mom kept bugging me. I appreciate everyone who came today and felt so much love for our little girl.

I will do a separate blog on all the wonderful gifts from everyone. Peighton got some adorable pink items and lots of hair bows. I am looking forward to the next week & a half catching up with old friends, family, and good ol' South Carolina.


Amy said...

What a fab shower! Loving all your "Carolina Girl/Mama" goodies as I am a "Carolina Girl" myself!!

Kelly Jo said...

Looks like you had a great day! You have awesome friends and family! I'm totally slacking on my blog... oops! Hope you are doing well, lady!