Friday, July 1, 2011

22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks 2 days
Baby's size and stats? 13 inches and 1 WHOLE POUND OF CUTENESS!!
Gain? I'm not really keeping track, but doc says I am in the 25% and have room to spare.
Sleep? Ugh! Not my best all. I usually go to bed around 10 and wake up at 4:30 when hubby gets up for work and cannot go back to sleep so I make my way downstairs, eat breakfast, and fall back to sleep until about 10-11. I wake up (yes, I counted a few nights ago) about 12-17 times a night to pee. I had to start leaving the light on in the bathroom so I wouldn't trip over stuff while I'm (sleep) walking to the bathroom.
Foods I am loving/not loving? I am not really having an food adversions, but I'm LOVING ice cream. Until it made me very very sick the other night. I am very sensitive to certain kinds of dairy products and tried a new ice cream this week that was made of whole milk...needless to say, I spent the entire day in the house.
Maternity clothes? Yes, mainly. When I'm around the house I will wear tank tops or shirts that just barely go over my belly.
Best moment of the week? Feeling her kick ALL DAY and hubby finally being able to feel it as well.
Symptoms/Emotions? I am very emotional and sometimes I bite Jeff's head off for nothing.
Gender? Girl...of course
Name....Peighton Joy
What I'm thankful for: Wonderful friends and family who love our little girl just as much as we do and are willing to express their love with words and kind actions.
I do have a belly picture and will post it later. My cell phone is upstairs and snuggled under hubby's pillow...who is still to avoid disturbing his peaceful sleep I will post the picture later :)

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