Thursday, July 7, 2011

Diaper Bag

I am so excited about Peighton's diaper bag I just had to share. I just have to say I love ebay! I have been so picky about a diaper bag and just decided I would not get one and use one of my big purses. But, then one day I found this lovely thing on ebay and couldn't resist. I ordered it this past Monday and it arrived today...3 days later! The best part is it's great quality, way bigger than I thought, has interior that can easily be cleaned, plenty of pockets for bottles, and Peighton can use it when she's older for anything she wants. It was also less than $20 (including shipping).

If anyone would like to know who I ordered it from I would highly recommend the company and I will share the email/website with you.


Sam said...

So cute! Love it! that your husband sitting behind it? LOL

Leza said...

Thanks Sam. Yes that's hubby behind it. He was holding it for me and of course had to hide lol