Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Corn Baby

Well, this week Peighton is no longer compared to a fruit...she is the same size as an ear of corn. Our little girl is a little longer than average so she's probably a wee bit longer. She's starting to slow down on the movement, but definately getting more hiccups. I notice that when I eat, she moves a little more, but she seems to sleep alot during the day. Lately I've been so exhausted that all I do is sleep during the day and stare at the ceiling at night. She must be as wore out as I am because she only moves at night while I'm laying in bed.

Hubby is not home today to take my belly picture, so the bathroom shot will have to do. My mom pointed out that I am covering my face and I swear that was an accident. I was so focused on making sure the phone would focus on the belly that I didn't even notice my face was covered.

This week my acid reflux has taken a turn for the worse. I basically sleep with 3 pillows under my head, propped up, and on my left side. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it works.

I'm also having trouble getting comfortable and I know it's a part of the pregnancy so I'm not complaining. I plan to talk to my doctor next week because the most comfortable position is on my back, but everything I read says it's not good to sleep that way. Peighton does not seem to like it either because she moves and kicks like crazy when I do it.

In other news, next week I'm going to a baby shower for a girl who lives in my neighborhood. I'm super excited to get to know another person who is expecting a girl AND lives super close. I plan to make her a few cute items that I hope she will love. Maybe her little girl and Peighton will enjoy many play dates together over the years.

In non-pregnancy related news, I started couponing....well, the idea of it anyway. I research for hours and hours the sales, weekly ads, and coupons online. I even ordered the local newspaper (that has yet to arrive). I attempted to print several coupons from online, but my stupid printer was not cooperating so I exceeded my limit on the website :( then the specials that I researched at the two local grocery stores expired YESTERDAY and I shopped today. Guess I learned a lesson. I did manage to save $4.50 on 4 boxes of cereal. Not a huge savings, but good enough. I made up for it though by buying an adorable $5 outfit for Peighton so no real savings I suppose.

We have a fun weekend planned so I'm looking forward to spending time with the hubby and enjoying the sunshine....unless it's over 100 again! That just does not work for me!


Tracy said...

yay for corn! :)

Also, I sent your package. Should be arriving some time next week. I'll shoot you an email soon.


Leza said...

Thanks Tracy! You're amazing.