Friday, July 1, 2011

First Cloth Diaper!

I won my first cloth diaper on ebay. It is an AIO diaper.....and get this....leopard print! I am so excited. I don't really recognize the brand, but that's ok because I do not plan to use AIO. We are thinking of having a few for trips, bedtime, and when Jeff changes diapers. It's a one size too so it'll be super cute on her little booty for many many months. I wish I had a picture to share, but unfortunately eBay will not allow me to steal the pic :( so I have to wait until it arrives. It only comes with one insert, but like I said I don't plan to use AIO very often. I am hoping to use prefolds and diaper covers and wipeable inside. I cannot wait to get it. We are planning to purchase about 5-8 diaper covers, 24 prefolds (infant size) and cloth wipes at the end of the month so I hope to get this one before we make that purchase. We have a great local cloth diaper store that has more products than I ever imagined for cloth diapers and the nicest employees who answer all of my 50,000 obnoxious questions. Her husband is even in the store a few days a week to help the men folk...hubby likes this idea!

I'm looking forward to saving lots of money and grossness in the landfills using cloth diapers! Only 4 more months until our little girl is here! I cannot wait!


Tracy said...

I have a ton of prefolds that were given to me (unused or very little use) that I'm not using if you want them. Just pay shipping and they are yours. I'm more of a pocket dipe girl.

Leza said...

Tracy, that would be awesome! I tried to email you, but for some reason my stinkin internet will not let me click on your email. If you want to email me we can set up a paypal transaction and I can pay for shipping! That is really so sweet of you. I don't know how to thank you. Ive been having trouble commenting on people's blog, but I've been keeping up and I can't believe you have only 114 days left!!! I feel like my days are flying by, how about you?? How are you feeling? I feel like 3rd trimester exhaustion is kicking in already!

Anyhoo, here's my email: Just give me a buzz on there and we can chat. Thank you again!!