Tuesday, July 26, 2011


*I've been attempting to post this for a week! Finally! I'll have a 27 week update tomorrow. I'm exhausted from trying to figure out this posting junk all night.*

I am 26 weeks.
Another day closer to third trimester.
Bedrest is not fun! (That's over...thank goodness)
I love watching Peighton dance around in my belly.
She finally responds to Jeff's voice...by kicking my ribs :)
I am eager to hold her and spoil her rotten.
I am so in love with this little girl!


Roxy said...

I can't wait to rub your belly!! Last time we were together you were on a health kick and working out all the time. Riley still had his sweet little baby face and was sucking on a pacifier. Now the boys are potty trained little men who will talk your ear off...

Tracy said...

Wait! you were on bedrest? How'd I miss this?

Yay for 27 weeks! (And, in my book, that IS the 3rd trimester. take 40, divide by 3, and you've got 13.3. So, the 3rd trimester would start 26.6.)

Amy said...

What a beautiful picture! So glad to hear that your bed rest is over.

On another note, thank you so much for posting links to other blogs of your friends/that you enjoy reading. They truly are inspiring!

Sam said...

FINALLY!!!! lol but that was short! And we need a new belly shot! Although I like the one you posted ;)