Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 60

We have officially been in Colorado for 60 days. This state is beautiful and offers so many fun adventures for us to do outdoors. I received my first job offer in the school district. We have purchased our first home, bought a new car, and established our lives in sunny Pueblo. Until today, I have been incredibly happy with this beautiful state. We purchased our car 2 hours away in Denver the day we arrived here. We left so happy with the transaction and pleased with the service. Then, last week we attempted to register our jeep with the DMV only to find out that the dealership did not send the paperwork to our bank nor to the DMV. We discovered this 4 days before our temporary tag expired. So, the DMV threatened the dealership with the possiblity of filing a complaint if they did not send the paperwork within one day. They became scared and sent the paperwork the next day. So, today I attempt to register the vehicle, yet again, only this time everything on the paperwork is incorrect. My name. Our address. The tax information. The DMV is making this process so difficult. I have to ask our bank to change the finance papework, I have to get a CO license, get a new title, change our address on all the paperwork and all while not being able to drive my jeep (b/c the temp tag expired). Yes, I asked for an extension, will they give it? No. AND we have to pay a late fee b/c the temp tag expired. I spent approximately 2 hours on the phone while the bank and the dealership played the blame game instead of just fixing the problem. So, now the issue is in limbo while both organizations attempt to decide how/if they may be able to help us. Both are saying they can't change a legal document, but the DMV will not provide us with a plate until it's corrected--so my hands are tied. Our bank even said "wow, Colorado has been the most difficult state we have ever dealt with..."

BUT, in good news, the position I interviewed with at a school district on Thursday resulted in a job offer. I have accepted the position and will know more details on Thursday when I sign my TWO YEAR contract. Those of you who do not know this, I am currently pursuing my Master of Education Degree. By taking this position, I am going to be putting my education on hold. I am 3/4 of the way finished, but cannot have a full time position while student teaching. So, I will postpone until I complete my two year contract--if I decide to leave. By taking this position, I am secured with a two year contract that guarantees me a career and financial stability that many do not have due to the economic status. I would be silly to pass up a position as wonderful as this one in the hopes that my education would get me a licensed teaching position. I will be working for a school that is brand new and has the blessing to be built during these hard economic times. The school district I will be working for has been so fortunate not to be negatively affected by the country's financial status. This new school is being built to alliviate the overpopulated schools in the same area. I am very excited and anxious to tell more, but until I meet with the principal on Thursday I cannot say much more.

Today has been trying and stressful day for Jeff and I. We are hoping that by Thursday (when we expect to have answers/changes) things will begin to look a little more promising. Good thing my mother-in-law sent us home with Jeff's favorite meal--dorito casserole. At least I don't have to cook while I'm super stressed. Please pray that things work out because no one seems to have answers, solutions, or suggestions. We need things to be corrected so that we can register our car, drive it, and most importantly drive on the military base (we cannot anymore b/c our temporary registration expired.) I have faith that everything will work out and that things will move forward in the correct direction.

I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
~Psalm 16:8

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