Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Visit Home--Pics overload

So, here are many many pictures from our 4 day trip (2 days of driving--both ways). We traveled 1540 miles and 7 states to visit my in-laws for Easter. Colorado was easy to get through, Nebraska takes forever, Iowa has nothing to see except cows and tumbleweeds, Indiana and Illinois have the worst roads ever, and Ohio had more farms than people. But, it was wonderful to spend 24 hours straight in the car with my hubby.

Jeff did most of the driving and I did most of the--sleeping. On the way there, he was so excited and anxious that his adrenaline kept him awake.

Here's a picture of the few minutes I was not sleeping-ha!
This was the only exciting thing in Iowa--maybe it was Nebraska. I can't remember, but there were windmills everywhere.....and cows.
Finally, we arrived in Pennsylvania--after 23.5 hours! Hard to believe I was in the same state as my two sisters, 3 nieces, and nephew...but they were 8 hours away so we never got to see eachother :( Maybe this Christmas we will. We finally got to his childhood home and as I mentioned before his little sister (on the left) was so surprised and jumped into his arms (alot like us military wives do after 12 months deployments). She was so excited and it was great to surprise her. Here's a picture of Jeff with his sister Leslie and cousin Hollie.
My beautiful sister-in-law and me!
The dogs had a great time too. Lucki loved their new dog Lucy, the german shepard, and Trudy (brown) sat in the background observing the crazy kids.
We visited the barn where Leslie's horse is kept. It was the perfect place to take pictures and if I was any good at it I would have taken so many more pictures.
Leslie showed us her graceful riding skills on Fancy.
Makai absolutely loved it out there and loved chasing the horses. He would stay out there for hours if we let him.
Jeff with Fancy and her suitemate ha.
My handsome cowboy.
Saturday we dyed Easter eggs and made bunny cupcakes for some family friends.
Here's the family....DeeDee, Jeff & I, Stanley, THE YANKEES, Leslie, and Hollie
Here's Hollie's egg:
Here's Leslie's egg:
The sky was so beautiful at one point Leslie and I raced outside to get pictures. She was a little freaked and said "the world is ending". HA! I just think it was a beautiful sight to see.
Here are the adorable bunny cupcakes we made. They were delicious too :)
Another adorable moment with Jeff and Leslie. Did I mention she was excited and suprised we came to visit?
Sunday we had to say goodbye and head back home to Colorado. This is my hubby making me laugh...we were sent home with tons of chocolate candy to keep us awake.
We had a great time visiting and it was wonderful seeing his family. We haven't seen them since Christmas 2007 so this was well overdue. They are coming to visit in June for a few weeks and we are soooo looking forward to that visit. This was the longest road trip I have ever taken in my adult life. It was so tiring, but wonderful to spend time with Jeff without xbox, tv, or work interrupting.
I did get a phone call from a principal on our way to PA that had some exciting news. So once things are final I will share the details.
I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. I attended a church while I was there that sadly was the worst sermon I have ever heard, so it's a good thing I'm there to worship the Lord and not just hear a disappointing message. The worship music was wonderful and the people were so pleasant, but I definately missed my new Colorado church and our wonderful pastor. After church we all attended brunch with family and I did not get any pictures--what's wrong with me? But, I think the picture overload is enough so just imagine us all dressed up and that was what you're missing ha!
God bless you all and I pray everyone was reminded of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us to live with Him eternally in Heaven.

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