Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Past and Present

Here are several pictures I never shared from my last days in Hawaii, first days in Colorado, outdoor adventures, and tonight!

My adorable hubby when we saw our house for the first time.
My last adventure with a dear friend, Melissa visiting our FAVORITE place ever!
I was sad to leave Menchies :(
Another friend I had to leave behind....Jenn
(Not the best picture of me, but you look great Jenn.)
Chloe & I first few days in Colorado
Beautiful Rockies!
Just a pic of me...for the fun of it!
Tonight, Jeff and the kiddos watching the Yankee game!
Hubby & I watching the Yankee game!
Adorable Chloe & I
Just a few pics that haven't been shared yet. I hope everyone had a great Wednesday! I'm looking forward to this weekend and so is hubby (it's the first day of Spring Turkey season). Next weekend we are planning to visit the Royal Gorge and a few other outdoor places in this beautiful state.

Oh yea, tonight I made cream puffs as a practice for this weekend's women's brunch. They turned out pretty (yes pretty), delicious, and were sooooo easy to make. Go ahead and drool:See, I told you they looked good!
P.S. GO YANKEEEEEEEEEEEES! (That's just for the Madrid's!)

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