Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I stayed home from work today because I cannot stop coughing, sneezing, and have no voice. I have been on the couch since 7am attempting to get a doctor appointment...epic fail! I thought that getting some sleep and loading up on meds would make my temporary health condition improve...I was wrong. I have not slept...nor have the meds helped. The landscapers are finally installing the sprinkler system and the sod, but my dogs are not happy about the strangers in our yard. So, they have been barking and growling non stop since 7am....not exactly the recovery I had in mind. Day 1 of Landscaping
Installing the sprinklers!

On the bright side, I've caught up on all of my recorded shows. I was so behind that I had to watch two episodes of Army Wives, two Dancing with the Stars, 5 Ellen Degeneres, 4 Oprah, 2 Police Women of Maricopa Country, and 1 Dr. Phil. Can you tell I like reality and talk shows? ha! Ever since I started working I don't get home until after 530pm, make dinner, eat dinner around 7pm, catch up on my favorite blogs, then head off to dreamland around 9pm. So needless to say, my dvr has been extremely full lately. It feels good to have it empty and ready to fill up for next time.

There are only 35 working days left until SUMMER BREAK! I am so excited to have the summer off, still get paid, and enjoy some intimate time with the treadmill. I need to lose about 10-15 pounds by August. I've done it before and I'll do it again! The doctors say that if I can lose 10% of my weight then my chances of fertility will increase dramatically. So, what better inspiration than that? We all know that I have no problem getting pregnant, but staying that way is another story. So my summer plan is to get in the best shape I can to prepare for a successful pregnancy.

I've been reading some very inspirational blogs lately written by women struggling with infertility. These women give me hope! My favorite story is Adrienne. I found her blog over a year ago from Angie Smith's blog list. Adrienne has a great story. She has been pregnant 7 times and never gave birth to a biological child. But, she never gave up hope. She continued to believe that God was in control and He would provide. Adrienne and her husband adopted a beautiful little boy from Russia a few years ago and then a little girl from Korea. In between their two adoptions, a baby boy was born and they were told he would be their child. The adoption did not happen, but less than a year later the little boy has joined their family...and the even best news of all today she wrote that she is 17 weeks pregnant! I find her story so inspirational. I think I feel so drawn to her because she has experienced so much loss and grief and continues to be blessed. We also have a few diagnostic things in common as well as treatment plans. The very same medications that she has been taking during this pregnancy are the ones projected to allow me to carry a pregnancy past 12 weeks. Her family is a testimony to what God can do in your life.

I'm so thankful for the blog world. People can share their stories of hope and faith. I find it so motivational.

If you want to read all of Adrienne's story...go here!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cross Roads & Green Thumb

Last night we had dinner with some friends from church. They asked us to meet them for dinner at a place that was "above an arena". Anyone who knows me will know that I usually show up for dinner in a dress shirt and heels...and last night was no exception. We arrived at a little steakhouse called "Cross Roads" it was LITERALLY inside of an arena. Jeff laughed as he dropped me off at the front "barn door" so I didn't have to walk too far in the dirt and mud. The smell of horse ^**^ and cow *^^* filled the air....and this was our view.
It wasn't too much out of my (high school days) element and it was alot of fun! The only disturbing thing was that I ate a cheeseburger and the others ate steak....while watching cowboys/girls rope little cows. And even though they claim each animal doesn't feel anything after we ate we got a closer look and hear...and they do feel it! :( I thought with my sweet southern accent I'd fit right in...I was wrong. In addition to the many funny looks people gave me (probably the heels, yes I know) the waitress had me repeat my drink order b/c she said she couldn't understand my accent....then, she said I sounded like I was from OKLAHOMA??!! Really??? I don't know many people from OK, but the few I do sound totally different than those of us from SC.
But, it was an awesome dinner with great company. I know we'll do it again...just next time, I'll be eating chicken salad.
Here's something I thought was funny. In many states it's illegal to drive & talk, but does that go for horseback too?
SPRING IS IN THE AIR! And my new "summer resolution" is to get a green thumb. My dad would probably laugh at me for saying this, but I made my first attempt...I transffered a potted plant into a new pot! HA! I plan to continue my new found talent (ha ha) inside the house as well. I successfully transferred a bouquet of tulips into a beautiful vase for our table. I hope that my new garden mentor and friend, Amanda, will show me how to grow a beautiful vegetable garden and summer time flowers. Something that will most definately make my daddy proud :)
After church today I hung out with the pups and cleaned the house and just had to take some adorable photos of my children.
How can anyone not love these faces?
I couldn't get Makai to look at the camera today so I attempted to do it while holding him...and it still did not work. He's just like Jeff...stubborn and cute :)
Here's a funny story I have probably shared 1,000,000,000 times. Makai loves to steal our towel after we get out of the shower. He steals it right off my body...he'll pull it off while I'm in a vulnerable Then, he spins in circles and eventually falls on the floor rubbing himself all over the towel...probably as a hint to give him a bath. So, here's a funny picture of him doing it today while I was getting ready for church.
He looks so cute and does such funny things that sometimes I forget that he's just a dog and not an adorable toddler.
So tomorrow starts week 2 of my new wonderful job! I'm actually excited about getting up at 515am these days. I am more than ready to finally get my routine regulated so I can finally start working out again and back in to bikini shape.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bowling and Yankees

So Thursday night I went bowling with the Principal, one of the Asst. Principals, Teacher, and two of the secretaries. It was fun even though I have not bowled in a few years. I didn't do too bad. I bowled a wasn't the lowest score ha! The Asst. Principal wanted to make a bet that the loser bought everyone Starbucks. Guess who lost...she did! It was alot of fun though and I enjoyed getting to know everyone outside of the professional atmosphere.
Here are the only two pictures I took though.
This is one of the secretaries bowling. She did pretty good...but she had bumper guards lol!

Funny story about this was the Principal. The first bowl he nearly tasted the floor b/c he stepped over the line and those of you who have done this know that it's very slippery. unfortunately, I didn't get a picture.....fortunately, he didn't fall.

So, the week went well and I enjoyed everyday. Yesterday students were out for Professional Development Day. Some of the staff and teachers went to Garden of the Gods for some team building activities and training sessions. Some of us stayed behind to get our offices organized and catch up on work. I didn't have too much to do since I'm just starting...haven't had long enough to get unorganized. So I help some of the ladies get caught up and clean.

I am excited about moving to the new school in August so I can start fresh with a clean slate and create my own system. I met one of the teachers who will be moving to the new school too. I was invited to have lunch at the new school's training session, but felt like I should stay behind and help the other ladies clean up and organize instead. Eventually, I will meet the other staff.

So this weekend I'm catching up on laundry, dishes, and cleaning the house. I forgot how much the house is neglected when I'm working. I am looking forward to getting my routine figured out so I can balance being a housewife and my full time career.

Jeff's parents bought us an address plate for our house as a housewarming gift a few months ago. We finally put it up today and it looks great. It's great competition for the house down the street that has another team on their plate.
It'll be even sweeter when they win the world series again and when we get our Yankee flag up that we got from his mom during our Easter visit. (That's on the to do list for tomorrow.)

I do have a prayer request. We have been considering something very big and need your prayers. I can't talk about it yet, but please pray that God shows me what we should do and that everything works out best for everyone.

"You are the helper of the fatherless. LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear, To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, That the man of the earth may oppress no more."
~Psalms 10:14,17-18

Thursday, April 15, 2010

All Dogs go to Heaven

Today my "brother" went to doggie Heaven. It had to be one of the hardest days ever for my parents. He was the best dog I have ever known! He was a big brother to me for 14 years.
We always used to say this to him:
"Georgey Porgey Puddin' Pie
Kiss the girls and make them cry!"
Some of my best childhood memories include him, Chelsea, (our other golden who passed years ago) and Grace (George's mate).

George's best friend was Trisha, my cat who later decided she loved mom even more than me....and now she's moved on to loving Grandma more than all of us. They were inseparable, acted exactly alike, and were always together.

We will all miss you George Porgey Puddin' Pie!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cowgirl Up.....

As I mentioned before, today was "Cowboy Up" day. The students had an assembly with a guest speaker from the local Rodeo. I didn't get to see the assembly, but I did get to set the cute students with their cowboy boots and hats. Myself and two other staff are the only ones who dressed in character....bummer. I guess the other teachers and staff are not into the fun stuff like me :( oh well! The principal didn't even dress up and we were all expecting him too. As promised, here's a picture of me in my attire. I forgot to get a picture with the other girls.

As for Day 2, it was sooo much more hectic than yesterday. We had a few minor incidents with students and two major ones....both of which involved calling the Military Police and an Ambulance. It's kind of scary being responsible for so many kids, but the hugs from students and hand shakes from parents at the end of the day makes all the stress well worth it.

Anyway, tomorow is another day and back to professional attire! I hope everyone else had a great day.

I do have a urgent "silent" prayer request for a family member. This person (and her 3 children) could really use alot of prayers. He knows her needs and will comfort everyone involved. Thanks in advance.

Love to you all!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 1....

...of 211. That's how many days a year I will work. Today was my first day and I absolutely loved it. The other staff are welcoming, helpful, and very nice. The Principal is just so blunt and fun. Too bad I'll be moving to another school in August, but that Principal is just as fun. From the moment I got to work it was caotic and constantly going. I was given my "lunch duty" schedule this week and even had to pull my first shift of it today. For those of you who don't know what this's when you have to be with two other teachers in the lunch room monitoring the students and then during recess as well.....oh so fun! lol I even experienced my first scheduled fire alarm with 800 kids to round up. Speaking of "round up" tomorrow is "Cowboy Up" day. I'm super excited for this...maybe it's the southern girl coming out in me. I'm planning to wear my suede boots :) with a knee length skirt, plaid shirt, and my hair in pony tails with fake freckles on my cheeks ;) I have to get in character.

So far, it's a great position and I'm loving it. The kids are so sweet and love to say my's really cute. I was called Mrs. Strader, Mrs. Straker, Mrs. Stryker, and Mrs. Struder...only one kid got it right today..ha!

So, of course I'll take a few pictures at work tomorrow and I'm hoping to get one of the Principal. He's a leather wearing, Harley riding, rough, and tumble kind-of dude so it'll be fun to see him with a belt buckle.

I'm so glad I have been blessed to find a school with a fun atmosphere and wonderful fellow employees to help me along the way. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Anniversary Date

So, we agreed no gifts since we just bought a house....
But my sweet hubby brought me home these beautiful roses!
And a funny card...of course.
Last night we celebrated our Wedding Anniversary with a yummy dinner at Olive Garden.
We had a great Anniversary date. I tried a new plate "Stuffed Chicken Moscato" it was not that great and I should have stuck with my normal dish "Eggplant Parmesan" but I wanted to try something new. The wine it recommended was delicious. I don't remember the name...sorry. The chicken had a carmelized sauce on it and I couldn't figure out what it was, but it was not good (in my opinion) so I ate way less than I normally would have and my hips appreciate it. :)
Then, we went to the mall to get some hunting gear (it's opening day for Spring more hubby around for a while)

While at the mall Jeff spotted a "Hurricane Simulator" and insisted we try it...I didn't, but he did. I was having a fabulous hair need to mess with nature. :)
He had a good time though and said it felt like he was riding his motorcycle...I think the wind inside was 90mph it would have been funnier to see my hair flying all over.

Today, Jeff is completing a hunting course so he can hunt turkey tomorrow morning and I am joining some new friends at the Riverwalk. It's on the Arkansas River and they have GONDALAS! It's not the same as being in Italy or France, but it'll have to do for this Country girl!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Working Girl

Good news! The position I interviewed for last week has resulted in a job offer. The position is within a school district that has schools on base so I'll be close to Jeff (hoping for weekly lunch dates). I accepted a position that has a two year commitment. I'm very excited about this position and even more anxious to get started....but, I don't have to wait very long. I START ON MONDAY!! I signed a probationary contract today, had my fingerprints done (ha! gotta love a government job), and bought a whole new wardrobe....a little more sophisticated than what I was able to wear in Hawaii schools. No more flip flops and tank's blazers and cropped pants :)

The school I will be working for is still in the construction process and is not due to be complete until mid-July. But, I will be completing a 2 week probation period at another school. Then, I have the summer off (gotta love a DOE job). I'm so excited to be back in the working world and finally contributing. Jeff is a great provider, but it gets lonely being a housewife...the dogs don't talk much.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to my friends who prayed for me, lifted me up, and texted me sweet reminders that I'd get the job! You were all correct :)

Tonight Jeff and I are celebrating our Anniversary (it was yesterday) with a yummy dinner at our favorite restaurant...Olive Garden followed by either a romantic, funny, or adventurous movie then back home to spoil our pooches. We feel bad they will be spending so much time home alone starting next week. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments and Anniversary wishes.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary My Love!

Our anniversary marks the day
When we both said "I do."
The two of us became as one,
A marriage bright and new.
Now time has passed;
Our love is strong;
We passed the early test.
Our tender bond grows with passing time;
Our marriage is the kind that’s best!
By Joanna Fuchs
4 years ago today we shared with friends and family a special celebration!
(5 months until our "real" anniversary--5 years)
I can't wait to celebrate the next 50 years as your wife.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Past and Present

Here are several pictures I never shared from my last days in Hawaii, first days in Colorado, outdoor adventures, and tonight!

My adorable hubby when we saw our house for the first time.
My last adventure with a dear friend, Melissa visiting our FAVORITE place ever!
I was sad to leave Menchies :(
Another friend I had to leave behind....Jenn
(Not the best picture of me, but you look great Jenn.)
Chloe & I first few days in Colorado
Beautiful Rockies!
Just a pic of me...for the fun of it!
Tonight, Jeff and the kiddos watching the Yankee game!
Hubby & I watching the Yankee game!
Adorable Chloe & I
Just a few pics that haven't been shared yet. I hope everyone had a great Wednesday! I'm looking forward to this weekend and so is hubby (it's the first day of Spring Turkey season). Next weekend we are planning to visit the Royal Gorge and a few other outdoor places in this beautiful state.

Oh yea, tonight I made cream puffs as a practice for this weekend's women's brunch. They turned out pretty (yes pretty), delicious, and were sooooo easy to make. Go ahead and drool:See, I told you they looked good!
P.S. GO YANKEEEEEEEEEEEES! (That's just for the Madrid's!)

Looking Up....

FINALLY! Things are starting to look up for our car situation. Our bank has finally agreed to make changes to the loan agreement and after faxing the corrected papers to our dealership they are now making the necessary changes to the title. It might take a few days, but in time we'll be able to legally drive our car.

So, after about 4 hours of phone calls and 19 times of explaining the situation to someone new I was finally able to convince someone that these changes have to take place. I wish it would be done in time for my contract signing at my new job tomorrow, but it won't. So we'll be a one car family...for one more day.

Something else I'm happy about is the Army Wives premier show on Sunday. I'm having a women's brunch on Saturday at my house to meet some new girls and then having a premier party on Sunday. Hopefully I'll meet some great girls and enjoy a yummy brunch.

For my brunch, Im making cream puffs, finger sandwiches, deviled eggs, sausage cheeseballs, and french breakfast puffs. I am making alot of carbs! LOL If anyone has any great brunch ideas, PLEASE SHARE!

Today I also officially became a Colorado resident. I had to get a new Driver's License for my job. I don't know how horrible my picture is yet, because CO mails your license to you and gives you a temporary paper license (cheap if you ask me) so in 30 days I should know how horrible it looks. Although I did spend an hour on my hair ha!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 60

We have officially been in Colorado for 60 days. This state is beautiful and offers so many fun adventures for us to do outdoors. I received my first job offer in the school district. We have purchased our first home, bought a new car, and established our lives in sunny Pueblo. Until today, I have been incredibly happy with this beautiful state. We purchased our car 2 hours away in Denver the day we arrived here. We left so happy with the transaction and pleased with the service. Then, last week we attempted to register our jeep with the DMV only to find out that the dealership did not send the paperwork to our bank nor to the DMV. We discovered this 4 days before our temporary tag expired. So, the DMV threatened the dealership with the possiblity of filing a complaint if they did not send the paperwork within one day. They became scared and sent the paperwork the next day. So, today I attempt to register the vehicle, yet again, only this time everything on the paperwork is incorrect. My name. Our address. The tax information. The DMV is making this process so difficult. I have to ask our bank to change the finance papework, I have to get a CO license, get a new title, change our address on all the paperwork and all while not being able to drive my jeep (b/c the temp tag expired). Yes, I asked for an extension, will they give it? No. AND we have to pay a late fee b/c the temp tag expired. I spent approximately 2 hours on the phone while the bank and the dealership played the blame game instead of just fixing the problem. So, now the issue is in limbo while both organizations attempt to decide how/if they may be able to help us. Both are saying they can't change a legal document, but the DMV will not provide us with a plate until it's corrected--so my hands are tied. Our bank even said "wow, Colorado has been the most difficult state we have ever dealt with..."

BUT, in good news, the position I interviewed with at a school district on Thursday resulted in a job offer. I have accepted the position and will know more details on Thursday when I sign my TWO YEAR contract. Those of you who do not know this, I am currently pursuing my Master of Education Degree. By taking this position, I am going to be putting my education on hold. I am 3/4 of the way finished, but cannot have a full time position while student teaching. So, I will postpone until I complete my two year contract--if I decide to leave. By taking this position, I am secured with a two year contract that guarantees me a career and financial stability that many do not have due to the economic status. I would be silly to pass up a position as wonderful as this one in the hopes that my education would get me a licensed teaching position. I will be working for a school that is brand new and has the blessing to be built during these hard economic times. The school district I will be working for has been so fortunate not to be negatively affected by the country's financial status. This new school is being built to alliviate the overpopulated schools in the same area. I am very excited and anxious to tell more, but until I meet with the principal on Thursday I cannot say much more.

Today has been trying and stressful day for Jeff and I. We are hoping that by Thursday (when we expect to have answers/changes) things will begin to look a little more promising. Good thing my mother-in-law sent us home with Jeff's favorite meal--dorito casserole. At least I don't have to cook while I'm super stressed. Please pray that things work out because no one seems to have answers, solutions, or suggestions. We need things to be corrected so that we can register our car, drive it, and most importantly drive on the military base (we cannot anymore b/c our temporary registration expired.) I have faith that everything will work out and that things will move forward in the correct direction.

I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
~Psalm 16:8

Easter Visit Home--Pics overload

So, here are many many pictures from our 4 day trip (2 days of driving--both ways). We traveled 1540 miles and 7 states to visit my in-laws for Easter. Colorado was easy to get through, Nebraska takes forever, Iowa has nothing to see except cows and tumbleweeds, Indiana and Illinois have the worst roads ever, and Ohio had more farms than people. But, it was wonderful to spend 24 hours straight in the car with my hubby.

Jeff did most of the driving and I did most of the--sleeping. On the way there, he was so excited and anxious that his adrenaline kept him awake.

Here's a picture of the few minutes I was not sleeping-ha!
This was the only exciting thing in Iowa--maybe it was Nebraska. I can't remember, but there were windmills everywhere.....and cows.
Finally, we arrived in Pennsylvania--after 23.5 hours! Hard to believe I was in the same state as my two sisters, 3 nieces, and nephew...but they were 8 hours away so we never got to see eachother :( Maybe this Christmas we will. We finally got to his childhood home and as I mentioned before his little sister (on the left) was so surprised and jumped into his arms (alot like us military wives do after 12 months deployments). She was so excited and it was great to surprise her. Here's a picture of Jeff with his sister Leslie and cousin Hollie.
My beautiful sister-in-law and me!
The dogs had a great time too. Lucki loved their new dog Lucy, the german shepard, and Trudy (brown) sat in the background observing the crazy kids.
We visited the barn where Leslie's horse is kept. It was the perfect place to take pictures and if I was any good at it I would have taken so many more pictures.
Leslie showed us her graceful riding skills on Fancy.
Makai absolutely loved it out there and loved chasing the horses. He would stay out there for hours if we let him.
Jeff with Fancy and her suitemate ha.
My handsome cowboy.
Saturday we dyed Easter eggs and made bunny cupcakes for some family friends.
Here's the family....DeeDee, Jeff & I, Stanley, THE YANKEES, Leslie, and Hollie
Here's Hollie's egg:
Here's Leslie's egg:
The sky was so beautiful at one point Leslie and I raced outside to get pictures. She was a little freaked and said "the world is ending". HA! I just think it was a beautiful sight to see.
Here are the adorable bunny cupcakes we made. They were delicious too :)
Another adorable moment with Jeff and Leslie. Did I mention she was excited and suprised we came to visit?
Sunday we had to say goodbye and head back home to Colorado. This is my hubby making me laugh...we were sent home with tons of chocolate candy to keep us awake.
We had a great time visiting and it was wonderful seeing his family. We haven't seen them since Christmas 2007 so this was well overdue. They are coming to visit in June for a few weeks and we are soooo looking forward to that visit. This was the longest road trip I have ever taken in my adult life. It was so tiring, but wonderful to spend time with Jeff without xbox, tv, or work interrupting.
I did get a phone call from a principal on our way to PA that had some exciting news. So once things are final I will share the details.
I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. I attended a church while I was there that sadly was the worst sermon I have ever heard, so it's a good thing I'm there to worship the Lord and not just hear a disappointing message. The worship music was wonderful and the people were so pleasant, but I definately missed my new Colorado church and our wonderful pastor. After church we all attended brunch with family and I did not get any pictures--what's wrong with me? But, I think the picture overload is enough so just imagine us all dressed up and that was what you're missing ha!
God bless you all and I pray everyone was reminded of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us to live with Him eternally in Heaven.